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Report: Windows 10 Is Getting a New App Store

When was the last time you used the Windows 10 app store? This new update may change that.

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As we approach the release of the Sun Valley revamp for Windows 10, more and more information is appearing as to what we can expect when the update finally arrives. Now, we’ve just caught wind of some news that Sun Valley will bring about a brand new app store for the operating system.

Windows 10’s New Sun Valley App Store

As Windows Central reports, the Redmond-based technology company has big plans for the new app store. We don’t have anything concrete just yet, as the news comes from «sources familiar with the matter,» according to Windows Central. However, these sources have been reliable in the past, so there’s no real reason to doubt them.

The reports claim that Microsoft is working hard on making the new Sun Valley app store a more useful place for users and developers. Currently, the app store does its job well, but people don’t use it as often as the software giant would like.

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To fix the problem, Microsoft wants to make the new app store suitable for all kinds of software and media. The company will be less strict with what kinds of app developers can upload to the store.

For instance, Microsoft wants to rebuild the app store, so it’s more suitable for larger file sizes. This means that large software suites and games will finally have a home on the Windows 10 app store.

This means that Microsoft has room to upload some of its biggest programs to the app store. Right now, you can’t find programs like Office, Teams, and Visual Studio on the Windows 10 app store despite it being Microsoft’s own storefront. This update will let the company finally add its flagship programs to the service.

Developers will also enjoy the ability to submit .EXE and .MSI files directly to the store, and Microsoft will let them use third-party revenue providers to earn money.

All in all, this update looks to be a fantastic change and may encourage more people to use the app store. While there’s no solid date on when Sun Valley will arrive, sources state that it should make its appearance in Fall 2021.

A New App Store for a New Windows 10

While we haven’t got a huge amount of information to go on, the news of a new app store for Windows 10 is very promising. We’ll have to wait and see how it turns out when Sun Valley launches.

That’s not to say that the current app store is totally useless. If you dig around a little, it still has some gems like OneDrive and TuneIn Radio.

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