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Microsoft Releases KB5000842 as an Optional Windows Update

The update brings a smattering of handy fixes and tweaks for Windows 10.

Windows 10 updates

Windows Update has a nasty habit of updating your PC at the worst times, but sometimes Microsoft will release optional updates, which you can download when it’s best for you. Microsoft has just released one of these optional updates called KB5000842, and it contains a lot of nice fixes for Windows 10.

What’s in the Windows 10 KB5000842 Update?

As you might expect from an optional update, there isn’t anything huge or important in the patch notes. However, some nice additions make it a worthwhile update to grab if you can spare the time.

For instance, if you use HDR and notice things are a little darker than they should be, the update will fix that nasty buy and get your colors back to normal.

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Also, if you’ve played videos on multiple monitors using the «duplicate» display mode, you’ve probably noticed they can fall out of sync. Update KB5000842 aims to fix this problem, so give it a download if you fit the bill.

There are plenty of small tweaks and fixes with this update. If you’re interested, head over to the Microsoft Support website and check out the details for yourself.

A Useful Update for Windows 10 Users

While the new optional update doesn’t contain any big-hitter features, it does fix some annoying issues users have with Windows 10. As such, give it a download if something is giving you grief.

If you’re not a fan of the forced, compulsory kind of Windows Updates, there are ways you can stop them from downloading themselves during an important time.

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