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Windows Calculator: The Ultimate Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Switch modes, execute formulas, and be a math whiz with all these Windows Calculator shortcuts.


Windows Calculator has been around for more than 35 years, as it was first included in Windows 1.0 back in 1985. Chances are you’ve used it to solve a few sums.

Over the years, Windows Calculator has evolved beyond simple addition and subtraction. You can now use it in different modes like Scientific and Graphing, along with converting things like currency, temperature, and weight.

If you want to be a math whiz, you need to use your calculator like a pro. That’s why we’ve put together this ultimate list of Windows Calculator keyboard shortcuts, which will help get you the answer you need as quickly as possible.

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Windows Calculator Keyboard Shortcuts

Alt + 1Switch to Standard mode
Alt + 2Switch to Scientific mode
Alt + 3Switch to Graphing mode
Alt + 4Switch to Programmer mode
Alt + 5Switch to Date Calculation mode
Ctrl + MStore in memory
Ctrl + PAdd to memory
Ctrl + QSubtract from memory
Ctrl + RRecall from memory
Ctrl + LClear memory
DeleteClear current input
EscFully clear input
TabNavigate to the next UI item and give it focus
SpacebarSelects UI item that has focus
EnterSelects =
F9Select +/-
RSelect 1/x
@Select 2?x
%Select %
Ctrl + HSelect history button
Up arrowMove up
Down arrowMove down
Ctrl + Shift + DClear history
Scientific Mode
F3Select DEG
F4Select RAD
F5Select GRAD
GSelect 2x
Ctrl + GSelect 10x
SSelect 10x
Shift + SSelect sin-1
Ctrl + SSelect sinh
Ctrl + Shift + SSelect sinh-1
TSelect tan
Shift + TSelect tan-1
Ctrl + TSelect tanh
Ctrl + Shift + TSelect tanh-1
OSelect cos
Shift + OSelect cos-1
Ctrl + OSelect cosh
Ctrl + Shift + OSelect cosh-1
USelect sec
Shift + USelect sec-1
Ctrl + USelect sech
Ctrl + Shift + USelect sech-1
ISelect csc
Shift + ISelect csc-1
Ctrl + ISelect csch
Ctrl + Shift + ISelect csch-1
JSelect cot
Shift + JSelect cot-1
Ctrl + JSelect coth
Ctrl + Shift + JSelect coth-1
Ctrl + YSelect y?x
Shift +Select |x|
[Select floor
]Select ceil
LSelect log
Shift + LSelect logyx
MSelect dms
NSelect ln
Ctrl + NSelect ex
PSelect Pi
QSelect x2
VToggles F-E button
XSelect exp
Y, ^Select xy
#Select x3
!Select n!
%Select mod
Graphing mode
Ctrl ++ on numpadGraph zooms in
Ctrl +- on numpadGraph zooms out
Programmer mode
F2Select DWORD
F3Select WORD
F4Select BYTE
F5Select HEX
F6Select DEC
F7Select OCT
F8Select BIN
F12Select QWORD
A-FSelect letters A-F
Shift + ,Select RoL
Shift + .Select RoR
Shift + ,Select Lsh
Shift + .Select Rsh
%Select %
|Select OR
^Select XOR
Select NOR
~Select NOT
&Select AND
.Select NAND

Do More With Windows Calculator

Looking to do more with Windows Calculator? You can keep the window always on top, recall from its memory, perform calculations on dates, and so much more. Windows Calculator is an indispensable tool for us all.


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