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30 abril, 2021
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30 abril, 2021

Windows 10 Will No Longer Rearrange Apps When Your PC Wakes Up

The bug is an annoyance at best, but it’s just annoying enough to warrant a patch from Microsoft.

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If you work within Windows apps on external monitors, you’ve likely experienced the frustration of all of your windows rearranging themselves after you wake your PC from sleep. Don’t worry, it’s not just you; in fact, Microsoft is well aware of the problem and has just released a patch to the Windows Insider Program to fix it.

What’s the Issue With Windows Apps and Monitors?

Microsoft detailed the problem and the fix it’s applying on the DirectX Developer Blog. The company details a use case where you have an external monitor connected via a DisplayPort connector and your device goes to sleep. When you wake it back up, the apps have all shuffled around, usually bundled together on a single monitor.

This problem is well-known, so much so that it has its own name. It’s called «Rapid Hot Plug Detect (Rapid HPD)» and it’s a pain for people who have to spend precious time re-adjusting everything every time their PC goes to sleep.

Thankfully, Microsoft has now published an update to fix this issue. To get it, you’ll need to be in the Windows Insider Program and update your operating system to build 21287 or above.

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Microsoft Finally Fixes an Annoying Bug

If your windows have a tendency to shuffle around after your PC goes to sleep, help is on the way. A new update has arrived on the Insider build that fixes the problem, and it shouldn’t be long until it arrives on the main branch.

If you haven’t joined the Insider program, it’s a great way to see all of the new features coming to Windows 10. For instance, a recent update added customization for virtual desktops.

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