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Windows 10 Will Get Fancy New Animations

The incoming Windows 10 revamp just got a lot flashier.

Windows 10

If you’re a little tired of the animations that Windows 10 uses, get ready for a revamp coming soon. A new batch of animations has hit the Windows 10 preview builds, and it’s only a matter of time until they reach your PC too.

Microsoft’s New Animations for Windows 10

Windows Latest spotted the new animations in the Windows 10 21H2 preview build. This build introduces a brand new «zoom» animation to the operating system.

Currently, Windows 10 already has a zoom animation. Every time you open a new window, it won’t just pop into view. There’s a slight zoom-in animation that eases the window into view. It’s very subtle, and it’s easy to miss if you’ve used Windows 10 for a long time, but it’s there.

Now, Microsoft is seemingly making this effect a lot more dramatic. Instead of being a gentle fade-in, the window very noticeably pops into view.

Not only that, but on the feedback hub, Microsoft has confirmed that this is just the beginning. The Redmond tech giant promises even more animation tweaks in the future and asks for people on the feedback hub to let it know any comments they may have.

A Sun Cresting Over the Horizon

If you’ve been keeping tabs on your Windows 10 news, you’ve likely seen a lot of pieces detailing certain areas of the operating system that is undergoing a huge revamp. All of these updates come under one umbrella, called «Sun Valley.»

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Sure enough, these animations are part of that same update. This means they’ll be joining the UI revamp, the new rounded window style, and a brand new power option as part of the big makeover.

As such, if you’re not a part of the Insider build, you’ll see these new animations as part of a bigger bundle of improvements and tweaks to Windows 10. We’ll have to wait and see when Sun Valley gets a release date for the general public.

Windows 10 Is Getting More Animated

Windows 10’s animations are a little long in the tooth, and Microsoft is giving them a fresh lick of paint for the big Sun Valley update. As for what other animations Microsoft will tweak is anyone’s guess.

That being said, we don’t know much about Sun Valley as it is. All we’ve seen so far are a few images and some claims here and there, but nothing solid has arisen just yet.

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