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13 abril, 2021
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Windows 10 Leaks Reveal a New Rounded Style

While it’s only a small tweak to Windows 10, the leak gives us a huge insight into the operating system’s future.


It’s no secret that Microsoft has a huge Windows 10 revamp in the works, but we’re still unclear on what the software giant plans to do with its operating system. Now, some images have leaked online that give us a sneak peek into what Microsoft has planned for Windows 10.

A New, Rounder Image for Windows 10

Windows Latest spotted the leak out in the wild, and published an image of the leak in its report.

The image in question shows the Windows 10 Terminal. It looks very similar to the one we have today, but with one notable change; the corners of the windows are rounded out.

It’s a small change, but it’s a big hint as to what Microsoft has on the cards for Windows 10. The pointy, jagged corners you see when you minimize a window will soon have a softer, smoother edge to them.

This recent leak correlates with an earlier one that Windows Latest also spotted. The leak revealed the new Wi-Fi password entry dialogue box, which also sported the rounded corners that Microsoft has recently fallen in love with.

So, what’s the big deal with rounded corners, anyway? As it turns out, they mean a lot more than you may first think, as they may be the first peeks we’ll get into the huge Sun Valley update.

The Road to Sun Valley

If you haven’t been keeping track of Windows 10 news recently, Sun Valley is a huge visual revamp that will give the aging operating a fresh lick of paint. We know the update is coming, and we have some idea as to what it’ll look like, but the major details are still a bit murky.

Fortunately, we are getting little tidbits of information about what Microsoft wants Windows 10 to look like in the future. Leaks are a fantastic way to see what’s planned, but the company is also slowly rolling out UI changes to select areas in preparation for the big day.

For example, Microsoft has released a new clock app that uses the Sun Valley stylistic choices. This involves a number selector where you scroll through a list and select the digit you want by lining it up with a bar across the middle.

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As such, while rounded corners may not seem the most exciting piece of news, it’s a small cog in a larger machine that will dictate the future of Windows 10.

Round Corners Today, Sun Valley Tomorrow

While rounding off the corners of windows isn’t the biggest update for Sun Valley, it is a hint of things to come. We’ll have to wait and see when Microsoft decides to let us know more about its plans for Windows 10.

In the meanwhile, why not check out the bits we do know about? For instance, Windows 10 will soon get a shiny new set of system icons for you to use.

Image Credit: Bokeh Blur Background/Shutterstock.com

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