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Windows 10 Is Now Installed on 1.3 Billion Active Devices

Despite the pandemic causing global economic issues, Microsoft has only seen increasing gains.

Windows 10 global use

Windows 10 is one of the most popular operating systems in the world, but it’s tricky to tell exactly how many devices use it. If you’ve ever wondered how many computers use Windows 10 worldwide, Microsoft has revealed that a whopping 1.3 billion devices are using its latest operating system.

Microsoft’s Huge Success With Windows 10

Microsoft reported the statistic on its Earnings Release FY21 Q3. The report contains a lot of interesting statistics and shows healthy growth in income for Microsoft.

The CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, said that the income gains were due to «digital adoption curves» accelerating thanks to the pandemic. This rings true with the positive statistics we saw earlier in the year, which shows that COVID-19 did more good than harm to the software giant.

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However, if you click the «Earnings Call Transcript» file on the right, you’ll find this choice quote from Nadella:

People are turning to Windows PCs more than ever to stay connected, productive, and secure. Windows 10 now has more than 1.3 billion monthly active devices. And Microsoft 365 Consumer surpassed 50 million subscribers for the first time.

As such, while the world is suffering from the economic effects of the pandemic, Microsoft seems to be doing very well for itself by offering services to work-at-home employees.

Microsoft’s Gains in a Work-From-Home World

After the coronavirus forced us all to work from home, Microsoft saw increased gains from its products like Windows 10. The company has confirmed that there are currently 1.3 billion monthly active Windows 10 devices, and the number will likely grow from here on out.

In fact, Microsoft’s problem isn’t getting people to use Windows 10; it’s getting people to update it. With Microsoft’s history of buggy updates combined with people «not seeing the point» of them, most users aren’t updating their Windows 10 PCs with the latest patches.

Windows updating

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