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Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21359

It contains a few handy features… and the removal of one.

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Microsoft’s Windows 10 Preview builds are a fantastic way to check out what’s coming for the popular operating system, and build 21359 is no different. Microsoft has posted a full list of features added in the update, and there are some juicy details within this one.

What’s Included in Windows 10 Preview Build 21359?

One of the spotlight features in build 21359 is the new option in Windows 10’s power options. It’s called » restart apps after signing in,» and the impact of this new feature is so big that we did an entire story on Windows 10’s new power option.

Unfortunately, the other big highlight is a downgrade rather than a new feature. The Windows Timeline sync will break with this new feature, so you can’t upload information to your other devices.

Your timeline history will remain on your PC, and you can still see all the relevant information through a web browser, OneDrive, and Office. However, the automatic sync will no longer work.

Microsoft is also giving a small tweak to the Ease of Access category in Windows 10’s settings pages. Once the update drops, you’ll see that it has a new name: Accessibility.

The update also brings its fair share of bug fixes too. For instance, if you love using HDR with Windows 10, you may have noticed that some SDR content changed when you either locked the PC or put it to sleep. That bug has thankfully been squished now.

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If you use Auto HDR, you may have noticed that some compatible apps did not want to turn it on. This update should fix that, and Microsoft invites anyone who still encounters issues to join the official DirectX Discord server.

There’s a lot more to cover, so be sure to head over to the Windows Insider Blog for all of the juicy information.

A New Batch of Updates for Windows 10

While this update is sad news for those who like using the Windows Timeline, there are still plenty of interesting tidbits hidden within. We’ll have to wait and see for when these changes will hit the main branch.

If you want to keep tabs on everything Microsoft is working on for Windows 10, you owe it to yourself to hop on the Insider branch and get all the latest updates before anyone else. Insiders recently received Preview Build 21337, which let them customize virtual desktops and test out the new File Explorer.

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