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3 abril, 2021

Microsoft Build Is Happening Virtually May 25th-27th

Microsoft’s developer-oriented technology event will take place virtually this year as well.

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Microsoft’s Build developer conference will be held completely online in 2021, from May 25 to 27. The event allows developers and students from around the world to share their expertise regarding Microsft products and services.

Microsoft Build 2021 Will Be Completely Virtual

The Build conference is used by Microsoft to discuss upcoming features and developer tools for its array of products and services. Microsoft also utilizes the event to launch new software updates.

According to a Microsoft confirmed report by ZDNet, the annual Build conference will be held virtually this year.

The Microsoft Events webpage has only recently been updated to reflect the dates of the 2021 Microsoft Build conference. The Microsoft Build website is yet to be updated for this year’s event.

Smaller «What’s Next» events to complement the bigger Build conference could also be on the table.

With regards to registration and pricing, no details have been revealed as of yet. But keeping in mind that last year’s 48-hour Build event was free for everyone, Microsoft could go the same route this year as well.

What to Expect From Microsoft Build 2021

Given Microsoft’s history of using Build as a platform to announce new products and software, it’s safe to say a big announcement may be in the box this year as well.

Microsoft will likely reveal more information about Windows 10X and the Windows 10 Sun Valley update.

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Microsoft Office, on the other hand, could take a back seat this year. This is mainly because previous Build conferences have already given a lot of attention to it while ignoring Windows.

Other Microsoft products such as Azure, Xbox, Power Platform, and IoT have also been at the forefront of recent Microsoft Build events.

In a fireside chat at Ignite 2021, Surface and Windows chief Panos Panay had said:

I haven’t talked about the next generation of Windows and what’s coming next, but I can tell you I am so pumped.

All of this points towards a more Windows-centric Microsoft Build in 2021.

Bigger Virtual Tech Conferences in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic caught us by surprise in 2020 and companies had to adapt really quickly to the new normal.

In 2021, companies are better prepared to organize virtual events and conferences. Like Microsoft, Apple too will be hosting its World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) virtually.

The 2020 Google I/O Conference, on the flip side, was canceled by Google. The chances for Google organizing one this year are also slim.

Microsoft Build and WWDC could well be the only big developer conferences to be held in 2021.


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