Una comparación del antiguo y nuevo mando Siri de Apple TV
30 abril, 2021
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30 abril, 2021

A Comparison of the Old and New Apple TV Siri Remote

Here’s what Apple’s revised Siri Remote for Apple TV offers, along with how it compares to the previous model.

New Siri Remote

The Apple TV’s Siri Remote is finally getting a long-overdue upgrade. Along with the introduction of the second-generation Apple TV, the company unveiled a revamped remote to control the streaming box.

Let’s compare the new model with the existing Siri Remote to help you decide if it’s worth the upgrade.

A New Design for the Siri Remote

New Siri Remote Design

It’s obvious from just a quick glance that the new Siri Remote offers an updated design. Instead of the small, slim, and all-black look of the original, the newer model is a bit larger and offers a one-piece aluminum design.

The new model should be much easier to hold and not so prone to getting lost in the couch cushions. Unfortunately, though, the new remote doesn’t offer any kind of built-in tracking feature like Apple’s new AirTags.

You’ll also notice a number of new buttons on the upgraded Siri Remote; the most obvious are power and mute buttons. With those, you can completely control your TV and sound system without having to use another remote. That’s a big plus for anyone looking for an all-in-one control solution for their home theater.

And obviously, a big part of the remote—Siri control—has moved to a better position on the new remote model. Instead of a button on the front of the remote like with the old remote, you can interact with the virtual assistant by pressing the Siri button on right side of the new version.

That’s a much more natural spot, and similar to the location of Siri control on an iPhone.

A Different Kind of Trackpad

Siri Remote Trackpad

Along with the new design, the biggest change of the new Siri Remote is how you interact with apps and content. The previous version featured an all-glass trackpad where you’d swipe and scroll with your finger. It was also responsive to clicks.

While that design was popular with some Apple TV users, other people criticized this trackpad as unresponsive. The trackpad was also easy to break, rendering the remote mostly useless.

The upgraded model offers a different kind of way to interact with the interface and TV content. A circular clickpad offers five-way navigation to quickly move through apps and more on the Apple TV. It also supports touch control for quick directional swipes.

With the outer ring of the clickpad, you can use a circular gesture as a scrubbing control while playing a movie or TV show. You might need a little bit of time to get familiar with the new remote’s navigation, but it seems to be just as good, if not better than, the original remote.

Taking a Step Back for Gaming

Old Siri remote

If you enjoy gaming with an Apple TV, whether that’s with an Apple Arcade title or something else, there’s a big downside to note with the new Siri Remote.

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The new model lacks the accelerometer and gyroscope present in the previous version. Those are needed to play games on the Apple TV that offer tilt and motion controls. You can still play games with an optional controller, though.

Price and Availability for the New Siri Remote

You’ll be able to purchase the new Siri Remote for $59 starting on April 30, 2021. It will arrive to the general public sometime in the second half of May.

The new Siri Remote will also be part of the upgraded Apple TV 4K. And as great news, it’s also backward-compatible with the Apple TV HD and first-generation Apple TV 4K.

Making the Move Forward

While the new Siri Remote is obviously a substantial upgrade, the original model is still fine if you like the larger glass trackpad, or if you’re into gaming and don’t want to purchase a dedicated controller.

And if you’re still debating whether to make the move to the new Apple TV 4K, there are a number of factors to consider.

Image Credits: Apple

The second-generation Apple TV 4K

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