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6 razones por las que deberías comprar una funda de viaje para Nintendo Switch

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For serious Nintendo Switch users, there’s always something people say you should be spending money on. Aside from the usual games, many Nintendo Switch users invest in extra controllers, microSD cards, or even accessories designed to enhance the gaming experience, such as drum sets or the Ring Fit.

However, because of the Switch’s portable design, there’s one type of accessory that you should definitely own: a travel case. Here are six key reasons why your beloved console deserves a home when you’re on the go.

1. Prevent Cosmetic Damage to Your Switch

With so many interesting developments in the portable console market, it’s unsurprising if you’re eyeing an upgrade or change in the system in the future. Whether you’re planning to get the Switch OLED or the Steam Deck, it’s always good to know that your Switch will still retain some of its value in the second-hand market.

While cosmetic damage doesn’t always affect your Switch’s performance, it can deter potential buyers from it in the future. After all, a clean-looking Switch that looks straight out of the box will likely sell faster and for more money than one which looks like it has gone through hard times.

So, if you want to keep your Switch away from annoying little dings due to drops or scratches on the display, it makes sense to get a travel case for your Switch.

2. Make Sure Your Switch Buttons Keep Working

Because it’s designed for life outside, the Switch isn’t a fragile piece of tech. However, it’s still not immune to having its buttons crushed by other heavy objects. For example, heavy books or laptops inside your backpack can accidentally crush your Switch if you accidentally drop it or put it down the wrong way.

While your Switch likely will not break from accidental falls, its buttons may lose some functionality because of it. When a Switch’s buttons break, it can definitely make gaming a lot less enjoyable. Not to mention, broken buttons can be costly and time-consuming to have repaired.

3. Avoid Water or Temperature Damage on Your Switch

In many parts of the world, the weather has become more and more unpredictable with time. In a single day, the weather in your city could be sunny, rainy, and even snowy. If you live in a town where the weather changes frequently, it can be difficult to make sure you’re prepared for all of them.

Aside from making sure you have enough layers for the day, it’s important that your Switch have protection from the elements as well. With a Switch travel case, you can manage the amount of exposure your console has in terms of both water and temperature.

In both cases, moisture and extreme temperature can damage your console’s internal circuits or cause corrosion, leading to malfunction. With a travel case, your Switch can avoid getting unnecessarily damaged in the process, especially during those unexpected, extreme weather changes.

4. Keep All Your Switch Devices in One Place

For people who travel a lot, it’s always a challenge to keep all your devices in one place. Between managing flight itineraries and hotel bookings, it’s always possible to accidentally leave things behind. In addition, those who use their Switch in hotel rooms a lot will often use HDMI cables or the dock connected to the smart TV.

Alternatively, even if you don’t bring so many accessories, it’s not impossible to leave your charging cables attached to a wall and not realize it until you’re at your next destination. When this happens, it can be too expensive to ship it out to you at your next destination, and you might as well purchase another set.

Once you invest in a Switch travel case, you can have a routine built in place for when you travel. For example, some cases even have dedicated cut-outs for your different Switch accessories, so you can know right away when something isn’t where it’s supposed to be before it’s too late.

5. Extend Your Switch Battery Life

When it comes to keeping your Switch battery healthy and lasting longer, it’s important to never leave it uncharged. Because the Switch has a lithium-ion battery, it can fail to start up once left with no charge for too long. Aside from changing settings like brightness, HD rumble, and airplane mode, you can also invest in a Switch travel case.

These days, it’s easy to find a Switch travel case that doubles as a power bank. With this, you can charge your Switch console when you’re on the go. With this, you leave fewer things to chance and make sure your Switch never gets emptied of battery for too long.

6. Never Leave Your Switch Games

Although it’s possible to download all your favorite Switch games into a microSD card, some users still prefer the comfort of owning physical copies of their games. While there are plenty of advantages to physical game copies, they are at risk of damage, especially if left out of their original storage cases.

In addition, owning physical companies of your Switch games can increase the chances of loss or theft. Thankfully, with the right Switch travel case, you can easily store your favorite games somewhere safe and don’t have to fumble around your bag to find the right game card.

Why Investing in a Nintendo Switch Travel Case Matters

Aside from its many exclusive games, the Nintendo Switch’s portability has always been one of its primary selling points and how it differentiates itself from other competitors. If you tend to bring your Switch outside a lot, it makes sense that you invest in ways to keep it safe and working well.

Whether it’s on an adventure to a new country or simply on your daily commute, a travel case helps manage the risks associated with gaming outdoors. In addition, the Switch works best when you have things like your charger, games, earphones, and so on, within arm’s reach at all times.

If you’re convinced that it’s time to buy a travel case for your Switch, here are a few that you should definitely consider.